I’m a Senior Design Consultant focussing on systems and humans .


Being some sort of designer (UI, UX, design systems, brand and identity) / developer (mostly UI engineering with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, with or without frameworks like React, Vue, Svelte, etc.) hybrid, I have a distinct advantage in efficiently navigating complex projects.

You would typically hire me as a temporary lead for cross-functional teams to align designers and developers (helping designers to better understand the underlying technology of digital mediums and improving the awareness of developers for design and human-computer interaction) in the process of building large scale distributed UI/UX (aka Design Systems).

My leadership style is based on coaching; I aim to create meaningful human-centered products while helping the people behind them grow.



I have been working for large corporations and small start-ups across various industries for 20 years. These days, I am a freelance design consultant operating under the company name Sudo.

Before that (2017—2019) I built and led the cross-functional team at Yoshino, an agency specializing in health care related digital products.

Since 2013, I have been teaching a four-semester course on Interaction Design with an emphasis on Human Centered Design at S4G (School for Games).

From 2007—2009 I worked as an art director for Gosub, a now-defunct digital agency from Berlin that specialized in immersive and playful interactive brand experiences.


ARD, ZDF, Pro7, MTV Germany, SF Schweizer Fernsehen, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Germany, Volkswagen, BMW, Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, Ferrero, HABA … and certainly many more.


  • Dipl.-Des. (FH) Communication Design
    2006, FH Mainz
  • Certified trainer
    2017, via S4G


I am always eager to understand the inner workings of anything that inspires me. The pleasure I gain from repairing beats the experience of buying something new. This reflects in my work: I value robustness, sustainability, great documentation, and delightful details.

Apart from tinkering, I am very much into music. Since I was first introduced to the early tunes of Bauhaus, Joy Division, the Cure, and alike, I have been fascinated by the minimalist yet deeply expressive Post Punk of the late 1970s and mid-80s. I have played in several bands since my teenage years and still make music to this day.

Portrait of Reimar on dark background
Close-up of the interface of an analogue synthesizer
Close-up of a hand holding a screwdriver and a small cog wheel whit a silver vintage Sony Walkman in the background